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          Content source:Wuhan University postdoctoral Release date:2015-07-22

          wuhan university is a comprehensive university which is directly under the ministry of education of china. it is also one of the national "985 project" and the "211 project" universities. there is a wide range of disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, education, culture, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and management. wuhan university consists of six faculties (humanities, social sciences, science, engineering, information science and the faculty of medicine), thirty-six departments and three affiliated hospitals of third grade class. 28 first-level and 208 second-level disciplines have been authorized to confer doctorate degree. 5 first-level and 17 second-level disciplines have been identified as the national key disciplines, and another 5 are listed as key disciplines to be constructed by the state. wuhan university now has 4 national key laboratories, 2 national engineering research centers, 2 national field research station, 10 key laboratories of education ministry and 4 research centers of education ministry, 7 national research bases for humanities and social sciences, 10 national bases for fostering basic science personnel, and 7 experimental teaching demonstration centers of state-level. the university now has 3600-odd teachers, including 2300-odd professes and associate professors, 1100-odd doctorate supervisors, 4 academicians of chinese academy of sciences, 8 academicians of the chinese academy of engineering, 2 academicians of the international eurasian academy of sciences, 8 senior professors for humanities and social sciences, 8 chief scientists of “973 project”, 4 experts of “863 project”, 3 innovation groups of national foundation committee, 24 winners of national outstanding youth science foundation, and 12 state-level famous teachers.

            wuhan university is one of the universities who set up post-doctoral research centers first in china since 1985. now it has 32 post doc circulation stations, covering chinese language and literature, foreign language and literature, journalism and communication, history, philosophy, theoretical economics, applied economics, public administration, business management, library information and records management, management science and engineering, law, political science, marxism theory, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, geophysics, surveying and mapping science and technology, computer science and technology, environmental science and engineering, materials science and engineering, information and communication engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, power engineering and engineering thermophysics, basic medicine, clinical medicine, oral medicine and so on. our university has established cooperative relations in recruiting and training post doctor with more than fifty enterprises all over the country, and established post-doctoral research bases in over twenty companies and research institutions. since the establishment of our circulation station, we have recruited more than one thousand post doctors in total, and 600-odd of them have finished research and left. most of them have become backbones and academic leaders in their work, many of them have become well-known experts, and some have embarked on an important leadership and management positions  
            in recent 20 years, our job has always been reforming and innovating with the development of post doctor circulation station. gradually, we have formed a set of management system for the development of post doctors. we have also established a comprehensive logistics support system for them. their life is colorful. there are various activities for them, such as “academic forum” and “academic salon”. our university is going to increase the funding for post doctors, and carry out the system of postdoctoral faculty in order to guarantee the supply of talents for our university.  post doctors will become the main target of young teachers’ selection.
          thirty-two circulation stations are recruiting post doctors, both at home and abroad. the specific issues are as follows:
            firstly, here are the recruitment conditions. you should have acquired doctor degree, be academic achievers, and also be physically and mentally healthy. besides, other conditions are as below.
          1.    for the key funding post doctors: you should have the basic certificate of the national “211” key universities, of graduated from prestigious universities abroad. additionally, you should be under the age of 33 years old, have achieved academic achievements of important academic influence.
          2.    for the fully funded post doctors: you should be full-time graduators of universities domestic or abroad. you should also be under the age of 35 years old and have already achieved academic achievements of high level.  
          secondly, the related treatment:
          1.    the wage: the annual wage for the key funding post doctors is 60000rmb. it is 45000rmb for the fully funded post doctors.
          2.    the research funding: you can apply for the chinese postdoctoral science foundation, and the innovation projects foundation for young teachers of wuhan university. additionally, our university provides 30000rmb to 50000rmb for the key funding post doctors to start your research. 
          3.    bonus: you can enjoy the related performance incentives of our university; besides, you may get the postdoctoral award if you pass the leaving examination.
          4.    housing: you can enjoy the low-cost housing of our university or enjoy the housing subsidy.
          5.    medical treatment: you can enjoy the public health services of our university.
          6.    others: you can enjoy the same treatment as the school faculty for children’s education.
            thirdly, you can get the information for schools, co-instructors and specific issues for declaration from this web address: http://www.tanakahiroshi-jp.com/.
            lastly, the contact information of post doctor office of wuhan university is as follows:
          contactors: jiang ying; yuan xiaoming;
          telephone: 0086-27-68754011
          fax: 0086-27-68754011
          email address: yxm31510142@163.com